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Logistics and Transportation


Android, iOS, Microsocft Azure

Assets Management

The Story

Yard Management App is solving the following problems

1. Provide visibility to the trailers inbound and outbound from the plant. Trailers are provided by Carriers that are hired by the factory and equipped with asset tracking solution, Yards will be multi-zone and the requirement is to show what zone the trailer is in and the status of the trailer

2. Trailer status needs to be shown with the following attributes using Icons and or details when required (all the data elements extracted from the data supplied by Asset tracking supplier)

a. Current location of the asset
b. Date/time of the observation / Event
c. Motion status, direction of travel, speed
d. Cargo Status loaded/empty
e. Door status Open/closed if available

3. Allow users to select and track a single trailer, or view all trailers on the yard(s)

4. Ability to route a driver or themselves from the phone to the location of the trailer