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Mobile App Development

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2007 - 2012

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LaMosca – Code Crackers

The Story

A dangerous gang is active in the city. It is collecting fortunes with mafia activities and the story is doing the rounds that this gang has a fabulous amount on their bank account. And that it is difficult, but not impossible to loot their bank account. The challenge for your team: find the headquarters of the gang and crack the code of their bank account. You will, thus, catch two birds with one stone: you will make sure that the gang is completely cut off from its cash and you will become immensely rich since their fortune is estimated to be 5 million Euros! The gang is sometimes rather sloppy. This means that they leave all kinds of clues behind in the city. Go, therefore, to the locations where you can gather clues about the secret hideout of the villains.
You will have all the time in the world for some clues but, for other clues, you will really have to hurry. You can only find them for a short time or another team may find them first! The clues can take all possible shapes and forms: maybe a gang member has left behind a case at the station or somewhere a suspicious car has been parked? Make sure you keep your eyes wide open because nothing is what it seems in this city! And don’t forget: the gang is wide awake and active! There are 2 gang members on the road who will try to eliminate your team. They will be continuously tracking you by using their radar... The bottom line is to act quickly and to thoroughly think about the clues that you find while on the road. Action and excitement guaranteed!