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Mobile App Development, Mobile App Design, UX Design


Android, iOS

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2016 - 2017

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Based in Munich, Windeln is the largest online retailer of infant and toddler-related products in Germany with more than 100,000 products from 1,000 brands available for purchase. Their aim is to make life easier for parents by providing a simple way to shop for all baby and toddler products online. To say that they are successfully achieving this goal would be an understatement. In five years, Windeln has grown to a valuation of nearly 426 million euros and recently made their initial public offering on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

Although Windeln was a successful e-commerce site, more and more consumers are buying goods via a mobile device. Recent studies have shown that mobile makes up half of all ecommerce-related traffic. As this percentage grows, it becomes increasingly important for companies like Windeln to have a strong mobile commerce presence. Consumers are spending increasing amounts of time and making more purchasing decisions on mobile devices. In order to capitalize on this trend, Windeln needed to have a mobile app that established their brand in the mobile platform and made purchasing the products simple.
With a powerful online presence already established, Windeln needed to have the app built right from the start. They chose Absolute Mobile Solutions to develop their first mobile app because of their deep roots within the mobile industry. With 16 years of experience, expertise on all devices and a portfolio that includes well-known brands in the U.S. and Europe, Absolute was the natural choice for helping Windeln build its presence in the mobile space.

Absolute enhanced an already strong online brand by producing an e-commerce mobile application that puts the ability to purchase their wide selection infant and toddler-related products at your fingertips. The new app makes shopping for the little one easier than ever with enhanced search capabilities and an easy-to-follow interface.