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Smart Diaper R&D

The Story

Current in progress R&D project. The client contacted us to provide them a full solution for their envisioned product, a smart dipper capable to detect when wet and to communicate that information to a centralized system. The smart dipper is envisioned to be used by health care facilities, such as hospitals or senior care houses. In a world with an rapidly aging population and increasingly higher costs for healthcare, the need for automation and smart solutions in the area has became more stringent. The cost of medical staff combined with the lack of human resources in this area leads to need for this kind of solutions.
We took on this R&D project, identifying the necessary components, provides and manufacturers, taking into the account that the final product needs to be easy to manufacture and reliant.
The system is composed of a humidity sensor, printed on film or directly on the textile, with passive RFID capable to communicate to a base station within a range. The data is further send to a central DB and disseminated to the medical staff assigned to monitor the patients. We had identified also the textile company capable to put together all the components and reliable for this kind of job.