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United States Business Registration


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United States Business Registration

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There are many resources available for private sector vendors to utilize when trying to conduct business with the United States Federal Government. The primary issue that arises is there are too many resources spread out in multiple areas. Then one must try to figure out what resources are best utilized and how much time to spend on those that are available. United States Business Registration was created as a resource to assist businesses of all sizes in making sure they are properly registered and certified according to their industry, business size and set-aside status (Woman Owned Small Business, Minority Owned, Veteran Owned, HubZone, Disadvanted Small Business Enterprise, etc). United States Business Registration ensures PSEs (private sector entities) are utilizing the proper databases to locate and be located for Federal Government contracts. Private sector entities must be utilizing the correct Federal resources for their industry, business size and set-aside status; as well as being placed in the proper databases, utilizing the proper resources and understanding the overall process.
Once everything is set up properly, Federal ACOs (Administrative Contract Officers) can more easily locate businesses and the products/services they offer to more easily and directly award open solicitations too. This simplifies the process for both parties involved. These are the companies who actually receive the most contracts and are the most successful in the area of Federal Acquisitions. For a one-time set-up fee, a Certified Registration Specialist is assigned to an organization to ensure they have all the proper registrations and certifications in place, as well as assisting them in utilizing the proper tools to locate federal contracts and be located for federal contracts.