Our Vision

Absolute Robotics Department holds a special place within the company. Among the very first projects developed by us where business intelligence, data mining and analysis solutions which relied on pattern recognition algorithms custom build to suit the client needs. After the pattern recognition and data interpretation the further steps were in the area of self-learning algorithms used in order to produce viable advice for business operations in the area on logistics and transportation. We developed software solutions for KPI analytics for various factories and manufacturing processes from mining to food industry working together with a six sigma company specialized in process improvement. Business Intelligence and related were part of various projects over time.

We developed several projects in the area of IoT, an area with big potential ahead. We were also contracted to do R&D for an IoT project, in which were are involved in all aspects of the product lifetime cycle. We work aside a large intelligent solution provider for various industries.

We are providing software solutions for a company specialized in industrial automation with whom we are partnering for joint venture projects in this area.

And all this time, we never forgot that robotics are also fun so we also find time to do some in house small projects just for fun once in a while.