Since 2000, we help you turn your ideas into success. Absolute helps companies from concept and vision to market research and strategy to design and architecture to development and testing to marketing and sales to public relation and communication.

Absolute team works with you from A to Z to concretize your vision and turn it into reality. For 17 years, putting together all our experience, creativity and innovation, we’ve been helping mid-market enterprises, Fortune 1000 companies, startups or government agencies to materialize their ideas into successful products. We help you succeed.

Most firms try to differentiate themselves through pricing, service quality, experience or expertise, and/or reputation. In reality, true differentiation among like sized firms is difficult. Eyeing the rest of the business world as a model, Absolute realized that technical proficiency would not be enough to deliver world class service at a competitive price.

Our proficiency in a number of non-technical areas is critical to our success. These areas include project management,
software estimation, customer focused design and delivery processes, and domain expertise. In addition, Absolute nurtures our client relationships by remaining close to their business. By doing so, so that we are able to relate and respond in detail to business pressures and pain.

The list of our clients includes major US and European companies, such as Bosch, DHL, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile, Bayer, L’Oreal, Tyson Food Industries, Colt Industries, Viking Air, Quality Distribution, major public organizations such as The New York City Housing Authority, universities such as University of South Florida, and other civilian or military US government agencies. We successfully delivered over 300 project to over 100 clients and continue to do so.