Starting out

As with many other successful companies, ours was founded by two enthusiastic and passionate IT professionals in a garage. From its very humble beginnings in Florida, our company went on to conquer the world and to quote the late Steve Jobs, 'make a dent in the Universe'... is how we would have loved to continue our story but it didn't happen quite that way (yet). We hadn't conquered the world and we never planned on achieving that but we sure dreamed about it the late nights on the porch, each with a cold beer in our hands. We still have a way to go but we haven't stood still for a second, always evolving, always expanding and from the mighty USA we reached the shores of the great Europe, straight into the fascinating Romania, one of the founding partner's home country.

Going forward

Even though we were small and relatively new in the European market, we managed to take on and successfully deliver large ERP like projects which are still being used to this day by dozens of companies and thousands of users, after 20 years. We grew our company hiring only the best talent, the most skilled and most passionate IT professionals and taking on bigger and more important clients. We can now proudly list dozens of successfully delivered mobile phone applications built for the now obsolete Symbian OS up until the very latest versions of iOS and Android versions.

Growing Absolute

We have always thought of ourselves as being a creative company and as such the Creative department was established, meant to focus and expand our artistic and creative nature, all to the benefit of our clients. Our latest department is Marketing, emerged from the need of our very clients to make an impact in the ever-changing online world.

Delivering success

Our goal is to deliver the very best quality and satisfy all of our client's needs, all while making our company a competency center and a great working environment. There is an old saying that 'strong essences are kept in small bottles' and the same can be said about Absolute. We are a small team of highly skilled, very passionate and very dedicated professionals. We deliver success not deliverables!