Catch & Release: Outdoorsman's Consignment - This marketplace app is a new way to buy and sell quality outdoor goods straight from your smartphone! Check out their new iOS and Android app, recently launched in the app stores.

Catch & Release users will benefit enormously from the app because it is a niche marketplace based on the proven business model of consignment,” says Jennifer Cook, CEO and Founder of Catch & Release. “Sellers also make a much higher percentage from their sales (no less than 80%), and reach a broader audience than if they were to go to a traditional brick-and-mortar store.


Absolute Mobile Solutions designed and developed a brand new, responsive website for myMatrixx, a workers’ compensation company based in Tampa, Florida. Processing thousands of prescriptions every day, myMatrixx focuses on pharmacy benefits management to help injured workers. myMatrixx came to Absolute Mobile Solutions to modernize their website and improve the mobile user experience for their clients.

Their new website is very responsive on mobile devices and and is a great asset to their marketing team. The marketing team at myMatrixx is now able utilize their new website with the update that matches their new myMatrixx brand identity.


Based in Munich, Windeln is the largest online retailer of infant and toddler-related products in Germany with more than 100,000 products from 1,000 brands available for purchase. Their aim is to make life easier for parents by providing a simple way to shop for all baby and toddler products online.

Absolute enhanced an already strong online brand by producing an e-commerce mobile application that puts the ability to purchase their wide selection infant and toddler-related products at your fingertips. The new app makes shopping for the little one easier than ever with enhanced search capabilities and an easy-to-follow interface.