Project Details


A&A Robotics




.Net, Arduino Industrial (Controllino)

A2 Scada

The Story

  • 1. Display and monitor all equipment in the system in real time.
  • 2. System scalability. A2 is a plug and play concept so that new equipment can be added to the system very easily. Once the PLC has the A2 communication protocol is installed on it, it will be listed in A2 SCADA immediately automatically and can be used immediately.
  • 3. Control and command of PLCs and other system components using the A2 + programming language.
  • 4. Communication between the equipments in the system. A2 SCADA allows the exchange of messages and commands between the equipment in the system for command and control of the manufacturing chain. Network communication messages in A2 SCADA are 100% customizable. Any type of message can be defined.
  • 5. Monitoring system states and capabilities for Homing, Pause / Stop / Restart
  • 6. Emergency stop both locally on each PLC and centralized on A2 SCADA
  • 7. Real-time display of all possible parameters in the system (speeds, voltages, pressures, states, positions)
  • 8. Simple and intuitive graphical interface. Graphic display of components with all related states.
  • 9. HMI at PLC level (this is not what I mean for A2, unless expressly required)…
  • 10. Saving data for statistics and reports. All system data and status will be saved in a database for KPI analysis and statistics to improve and optimize production.
  • 11. Security based on roles and users. A2 will have different access levels for different equipment, areas, cells, etc. depending on customer requirements.
  • 12. Remote real-time monitoring of the system (A&A Robotics will have cash access for monitoring). We consider that A2 can be monitored remotely from our company in order to intervene quickly when needed.
  • 13. Fast programming of the system using A2 +. The A2 + programming language is a universal scripting language dedicated to automation, easy to learn and implement.
  • 14. Training for factory automators.