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Creative Department, Marketing Department

Development Years

2017 - 2017


Absolute – Comic Book

The Story

Half a millennium after the cataclysmic event that shaped the Earth into a scorching wasteland as a result of most surface water disappearing, the remaining humanity is still struggling with its survival. Many tribes have risen and fallen during this time. However, not many could endure the harsh environment, so the power was now split between five stable settlements.

The University, a small community formed on top of a aquifer by the Old World’s scientists and professors, managed to take control the economy and surroundings, imposing their power through their overall preserved knowledge. Being situated on a mountain which seems to be a green paradise in the middle of hell, more often than not they are the targets of all sorts of attacks meant to overthrow them.

Both allies and enemies of the University, the Traders’ Guild was formed by explorers and travelers, and they soon became the only ones to know the new routes and important locations of the planet, the others not willing to risk their lives and wander into the unknown. The Guild is controlling all the trade routes and most of the digging sites, providing materials and resources to the University and the rest of the settlements. The Traders headquarters were unknown, but most believed that they prefer to be mobile and use hideouts splattered around the world.

Having water quickly becoming the most valuable of resources, a religious driven Kingdom has started to rise. The Nero Yious were stating that they are the true Sons of the Water God, and they were not content with the way in which their religion was treated. Planning on launching a series of crusades to banish all who misinterpreted the religion of water or modified it, they are focused in raising a big enough army to withstand and defeat anyone who dares stand in their way.

Aside the Nero Yious, other two strong Kingdoms have formed around the University. One of them is the Erolan Dynasty, which has been set up right after the Collapse at the base of the mountain which the University ruled. Having neither a frightening army force or a large array of resources so that they could live carefree, they took maximum advantage of their strategic position. Having the closest culture to the University, they were helped all the other settlements, some of them asking for information and insights in exchange of protection. All this while the University themselves were trying to make sure the Erolan Dynasty wouldn’t get run over, since in case of an attack they would be enough of a distraction to buy some time for an escape plan.

The latest power was the Blaskov Kingdom, which has formed as a result of the other two previous Kingdoms, by people who couldn’t find themselves in any of their ideologies. It has quickly become a place for all the people who were willing to work and risk their lives for the Kingdom and only the Kingdom, aspiring to once surpass the University’s technology and knowledge.

Welcome to the world of Scorching Rain, where there’s no good nor evil, but only greed and wars fueled by the thirst of power.