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Mobile App Development

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2007 - 2011

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LaMosca – City Tracks

The Story

You will get to know a city in a completely new way with CityTracks. Every team is given a smart phone and a GPS receiver. The phone will display a map of the city on which your following destination will be indicated at every turn. You will be asked a question or you will be given a fun task to perform at each location. If you answer correctly or if the task is completed successfully, your score will increase and you will see a new destination.
But a saboteur is wandering through the city at the same time as you are. This distinguished city figure is aiming at disabling your phone from a short distance so that your team not only loses time but also points!Try to avoid this shady character in an appropriate manner by using the information that the satellites pass on. Or protect yourself on time by activating the “immunity” option...This game is offered by the EventMosaic event agency for the cities of Ostend, Ghent and Bruges and by Kelly Events in Antwerp and, on request, other Belgium cities.