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Pepin Distributing

The Story

When it comes to business leadership, customer service and community support, Pepin Distributing Company sets the industry standard. Since incorporating the company in 1960 in Gainesville, Florida, the Pepin family has built a beverage empire that has experienced constant growth, and has diversified their portfolio of products.

Business has been good to the Pepin family over the years and the company, in turn, has been good to the Tampa Bay community. The family provided seed money to help establish Pepin-Rood Stadium, the home of athletics at the University of Tampa. A $1 million donation led to the development of Pepin Heart & Vascular Institute at University Community Hospital in Tampa.

More recently, the family helped establish the Pepin Academy, a Tampa school for teenagers with learning disabilities. Tom Pepin enhanced the Pepin Heart Facility and helped build the Pepin Heart Hospital, the most advanced Heart Hospital in the Southeast.

Pepin Distributing is a national leader in promoting alcohol abuse prevention programs through the many bars, restaurants and other establishments that it services. Pepin has developed meaningful partnerships with a vast array of organizations to help make the community a better and safer place to live. The list includes colleges and Universities, health care institutions, social service agencies, civic organizations, arts and cultural groups, business to business associations, law enforcement agencies and economic development agencies.