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Tract Manager, Inc.


United States




C#, ASP.Net, Telerik

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2008 - Current

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Tract Manager

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TractManager® employs a patented software utility process to help professionals streamline contract management operations by providing complete visibility and enhanced control of business processes and information. Authorized personnel have contract information at their fingertips. They see which department and manager owns a contract, the contract terms, critical dates and more. By serving hundreds of organizations at more than 5,000 locations nationwide, TractManager is a leading contract management service provider serving organizations in all 50 states. Our solutions are designed for organizations of all types and sizes, including hospitals and healthcare systems, payer organizations, research and medical device companies, financial institutions, industry and government
The inherent flexibility of our solution's architecture makes TractManager scalable from department-level use to the overall contract management of a national, multi-site organization. Modules: Compliance, Contract Services, Finance, information Systems, Legal, Payor Contracting, Real Estate Management, Research, Risk Management, Supply Chain Management/Purchasing