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United States




VB.Net, ASP.Net, Crystal Reports

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2003 - 2005

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Shop Floor Control (SFC) is a software system of methods and tools that are used to track, schedule and report on the progress of work in a manufacturing plant. Shop Floor Control systems generally evaluate the portion of an order or operation that has been completed. That percentage of work in process is useful for resource planning, inventory evaluations and supervisor and operator productivity on a shop floor. Shop Floor Control systems typically evaluate materials status, machine usage, labor and other resources to report on work in process. They also enable the accurate management of activities, resources and work flows inside the plant. This type of data can be very useful to manufacturing owners and supervisors for improving overall shop floor operations, particularly with an interactive, real-time Shop Floor Control system.
The solution is implemented on more than 50 companies from Fortune 500.
Some of the Shop Floor Control benefits that drive ROI:
  • Total visibility and control over plant environment
  • More efficient, streamlined operations and lowered manufacturing cycle times
  • Data-driven, higher quality production
  • Greater supply chain visibility
  • Immediately actionable, proactive data and analytics when employing a real-time SFC system
  • Empowered supervisors and managers
  • Increased operator motivation, productivity and performance
  • Improved accuracy in reporting on resource status, work flows, inventory and human resources
  • Accurate updates on labor and machine usage
  • Improved scheduling and planning
  • Improved valuation and costing capabilities
  • Reduction of excess labor costs
  • Reduction of payroll computational errors
  • Reduction of work in process inventory